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Oftentimes people are concerned about submitting forms because they feel as though they are never read. At BBK our legal professionals review all forms that are submitted on a daily basis and we promptly respond to all electronically submitted inquiries.

Our clients often don’t know how much detail to go into in the initial communication. Sometimes people only provide a very small amount of information and, from time to time, we get submissions that have more information than we can review promptly. We have found that providing some examples helps our clients. The following are just some examples are intended merely as a guide.

  • On July 7th my boss told me that he was firing me. I did not expect it and he would not give me any reason. He did give me an agreement to look over and let him know within seven days if I would sign it. I am confused about what rights I have and whether I should sign the agreement. I have been with XYZ Corporation for 5 years and I don’t understand why this is happening.
  • I applied for unemployment and the local office approved my claim. My former employer is now challenging that decision and a hearing has been set for March 8th. I wanted to know what assistance you could provide to me.
  • My boss told me that I need to report for an investigatory interview tomorrow. I have an idea what it is about, however, I need to know whether I should participate and what I should say.
  • My boss has been making statements to me lately that have made me uncomfortable. I am not sure whether it constitutes harassment, however, I want to know what I should do to get him to stop.

Providing us with this amount of information allows us to get an initial sense of the issue and allows us to make sure that our follow up with you insures that you are to get the type of assistance that you need.