Employment Counseling

What is employment counseling and do I need it?

The most important service lawyers offer to their clients is to provide them with advice.  In employment related matters counseling is a critical and often overlooked service that many employees need.  This category is listed first on our homescreen for a reason – getting good advice on how to handle different workplace challenges is undoubtedly one of the most important services we provide to our clients. 

When we say employment counseling what we mean is assisting people in navigating through challenging work related situations.  This means that there are an infinite number of different issues that employees are experiencing.  Some of the more common issues that we come across are:

  • I recently received a bad evaluation from my employer and I disagree with it.  Should I let the matter go or should I do something about it?
  • My employer is conducting an investigation regarding some issues that occurred at work.  Do I have to participate?    
  • I have some medical issues that will require me to take some time off from work. What information should I provide to my employer and how do I go about securing the time off that I need?
  • My boss is singling me out for criticism.  Is there anything that I can do about it?
  • I am an employee at will.  Does this mean that they can let me go for any reason at all?
  • A co worker has been making statements to me that have made me uncomfortable.  How should I address this issue and can I make it stop?
  • I signed an agreement with my employer that I would not leave and go work for a competitor.  Is the agreement enforceable?

Unfortunately, we all have a tendency to put things off until the situation becomes past the point of a reasonable resolution being reached. For this reason, we recommend that people reach out to us when they first begin experiencing workplace difficulties. 

I have a workplace issue that I would like to speak with you about.  How do I go about doing so?

If you feel as though there is an issue at work please contact us.  There are two preferred ways to reach us.  First you can call us at (217) 522 3445 or you can submit an online form. Once you contact us a member of our team will initially discuss your concerns with you and then determine the best way for you to speak with one of our attorneys.  You will know specifically what information we need to address your concerns, when and how we will communicate with you, and how much your consultation is going to cost.

What will happen during my initial meeting with an attorney from BB+K?

Many times we are able to provide you with the information you need during the course of one meeting.  Other times, however, we might suggest that we do additional work for you.   

When we meet with you we will focus upon the specific issues that are impacting your employment.

What should I do if I have an urgent issue and I need to speak with an attorney immediately?

From time to time, people come to us and need to speak with us immediately.  Sometimes people tell us that they have been told that they are going to be interviewed tomorrow and they need to get some advice quickly.  While we can not guarantee that we can meet with anyone on short notice, we will try our best to arrange a time to speak with one of our attorneys.  If you have a situation that you feel is very time sensitive, let us know when you call or when you submit your online form.

How much will it cost?

The costs of  a consultation can vary depending upon the complexity of the issue you face.  When you speak with our team, however, you will be told the full fee you will be charged.  In short, there will be no surprises.  You will know exactly how much it is going to cost you to get the assistance you need.